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Summer Money Saving Tips!

It’s time to pack up the sweaters and slap on the sunscreen- with Memorial Weekend in our rear-view mirrors, we are steadily cruising into another hot summer! This time of year is so commonly associated with vacations, patios, and cookouts… all of which can become costly pretty quick. We’ve polled our structured settlement staff and have put together a list of six hot summer money saving tips to keep you cool and save you from breaking the bank while you enjoy the season!

1) Bring your lunch to work!  Even if there is a cheap cafeteria across the way from your office, if you bring your lunch instead of spending $5 or $6 every day then you’ll have pocketed around $30 by the end of the week. Along with being thrifty, home-made lunches are often much healthier than something you would buy at a cafe or restaurant. Take advantage of the nicer oncoming weather and find a spot to eat your homemade lunch outside. You could even start a lunch club with your co-workers where you compete to bring the most unique items for your lunch.

2) Explore your town or city. As the weather heats up, more and more people will get the itch to take a vacation. However, gas, lodging, food, and entertainment can add up fast. Save money by getting to know your own city better! Simply Google your hometown and a few key phrases and ideas for outdoor activities and you will be presented with a plethora of options that are just a quick drive away!

3) Check out your local farmer’s market. Farmer’s markets can serve a community in several huge ways. First, they tend to offer higher quality produce for pennies on the dollar to what the supermarkets are selling. Since there is less distance traveled between garden to table, neighbor-driven markets also have a highly reduced carbon impact on the community. Supporting your local economy through farmer’s markets keeps currency circulating in your community, so everyone wins!

4) Make your own margaritas! A true staple of the summer, nothing helps you wind-down a day or kick-off a breezy weekend than splitting a pitcher of margaritas with your friends or co-workers. If you do partake in this pastime, however, you have probably noticed that many restaurants get away with charging $20-$30 per pitcher. Take this as an opportunity to hone-in your mixology skills and develop a natural (see: fresh citrus juice) margarita that will cost 50-70% less and taste 100% better than what you are buying at your local Mexican restaurant. Check out this awesome margarita recipe from Epicurious.

5) Pot luck, pot luck, pot luck! Looking for an excuse to show off that new recipe you’ve been working on? Summertime is the best time to have your friends over for a meal and display your cooking abilities! Have each guest bring an item to share and you will quickly have a low-cost feast develop before your eyes. Invite your neighbors over for a chance to make some new friends!

6) When on the road, don’t hesitate to ask for upgrades. The next time you find yourself renting a car or staying in a hotel, ask if there are any upgrades available. If you aren’t traveling in peak hours, more often than not you will be offered a better room or similar option with little or no extra cost to you!

At Fairfield Funding, we are glad to share any money saving advice that our team of annuity experts may have, and we hoe you feel the same! please feel free to leave a comment describing your summer saving tips for our other readers to try out! Have a great summer and be safe out there!

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