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Back to School

Wow, the time has flown by this summer! It seemed like just yesterday I was so excited about the warm summer days, the beach, and most importantly lighter traffic! I was harshly reminded that school is back in session during my commute to work this morning. The traffic here in Atlanta is terrible, again (maybe I should say MORE terrible since it’s never great). However, despite the traffic, this is such an exciting time!

It’s the start of school, which means extra expenses!  It’s the start of a new grade year for some, the first-ever school year for others, and even college for many! As I was preparing for my daughter to go back to school this year I started thinking about how expensive it can be when it all adds up. You have tuition, school supplies, doctor’s appointments, back-to-school clothes, after-school care, transportation, etc.  School is expensive! Luckily, my daughter is young but all of those facing college tuition this year can become quickly overwhelmed with student loans.

Thinking about all this also made me thankful that Fairfield Funding is here to help some of those customers out there who are having to deal with all the expenses that come with a new school year. If you or your family are considering selling all or a portion of your future payments to help relieve the stress of school or college then give us a call today and let us structure something that fits your needs perfectly and allows you to focus on family and education rather than worrying about money! We hope this new school year is financially stress-free and brings great learning and friendship opportunities for all of our customers!

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