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Cash Out Your Estate Annuity


Managing an estate can be time-consuming and expensive; a growing number of executors, administrators, and beneficiaries are choosing to close out and sell any remaining annuity payments due to the estate in order to cover probate costs, pay debts, and pay beneficiaries a lump sum. We understand that handling a deceased individual’s affairs is an extremely delicate and personal process, and Fairfield Funding has staffed its professional sales team with individuals guaranteed to represent your case with the utmost care and respect that you deserve.

Why do individuals choose to sell their estate payments?

For many individuals, suddenly having to manage an estate can be an unforeseen time commitment. Electing to receive a lump sum for any remaining structured payments enables you to have the freedom of time and peace of mind to carry out your regular schedule. As well as being a time commitment, many people are hit with unexpected probate fees and other debts that come along with the estate. Fairfield Funding strives to incur the minimal fees associated with liquidating estate annuities in order to give beneficiaries the largest possible cash payout.

How do estate annuities become a lump sum?

While Fairfield Funding delicately handles each deceased estate on a case-by-case basis, there are several written-in-stone parameters that we abide by once we have been contacted. First, we establish a connection with the executor or administrator and confirm their authority to act on behalf of the estate. This is done by simply verifying identity and cross-checking it with their various legal documents. The next steps are very similar to personal annuity cases: we obtain the necessary court approval by petitioning the court and notifying all interested parties. As soon as the Judge and Insurance Company approve and acknowledge the transfer we can write a check directly to the estate. We do the legwork for you to receive your money!

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