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Get to know Kristin Fullem!

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 Your Annuity Expert!

Kristin Fullem has utilized her client service expertise and structured settlement knowledge on behalf of Fairfield Funding for over 2 years, working diligently as an annuity expert. Having helped over 500 customers reach their financial desires already, Kristin continually proves that hard work and maintaining high quality levels are keys to success at Fairfield Funding. Here is a further look into the life of Kristin, from work and her career to her personal life.

…On her fundamental responsibilities as an annuity expert at Fairfield Funding:

The most important thing Kristin deals with is client management; this includes answering questions, keeping track of files, and much more. There is constantly a heavy stream of paperwork with each client file that she must tend to as well. And, of course, it is crucial to be knowledgeable about the process of buying structured settlements and handling annuities.

…On one of her most rewarding aspects of her job:       

As Kristin looks back at all of the customers she has helped, one of her favorite stories took place only a few months ago, when she helped get a couple get the finances they needed so they could get out of debt. They used the money to cover hospital bills and even buy a house. She finds that helping people “get back on their feet” is truly rewarding and fulfilling.

…On her college experience:

Kristin went to Georgia College and State University (GCSU) in Milledgeville, Georgia, where she majored in Economics. She also pursued a minor in Management. Looking back, Kristin says the tools she learned in her management classes have been extremely helpful to her in her line of work.

…On her favorite pastimes:

She enjoys playing tennis as well as goofing around with her two puppies, both of which are named Jackson. Last October, Kristin got engaged, so wedding planning will also become a necessary pastime she can enjoy with her finance.

…On where she sees herself within the next 10 years:

For Kristin, what the future has in store doesn’t have to be thoroughly planned out. The annuity expert explains that she had no idea she would ever be in this industry, saying, “I sort of fell into it and now I love it.” She does know that she is tired of paying rent and would like to own a house when she can (who could blame her?).

It seems suffice to say that regardless of whatever path Kristin finds herself walking down in the years to come, she will continue to bring expertise and diligence to the tasks she is faced with.


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