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Structured Settlement Series — Part 1: How Do I Sell My Structured Settlement?

Selling your structured settlement can be a daunting process. Most people would rather have a lump sum of cash instead of a structured settlement. We are here to help you navigate the legal process required for you to sell your payment rights.

The process to sell your structured settlement payment rights is actually mandated by Federal and/or State law. While the general process remains the same, your state might have some nuances. We can guide you through any twists and turns that may arise.

Overall the steps to sell your structured settlement payment rights are fairly simple:

  1. Decide what you are selling and receiving.
  2. Receive a disclosure statement which outlines the details of the agreement.
  3. After you receive the disclosure statement, you have 3-14 days to review and sign it.
    1. NOTE: Don’t be pressured by anyone to sign a disclosure statement the same day you receive it! This is an illegal practice we’ve seen from other companies.
  4. We will file the petition or application in your state once we receive the signed disclosure agreement. This notifies all interested parties that you want to transfer your payment rights.
  5. A hearing will be scheduled at least 20 days from the petition/application submission. Most states require you to attend and testify in front of the Judge.
  6. After the hearing, the Judge reviews the paperwork and makes a decision if the transfer is in your best interest. It’s critical that the process has been followed correctly, which is why it’s so important to use a company like us to process your transfer.
  7. Once the Judge signs off, you have successfully completed the transfer of your structured settlement payment rights. Congratulations! You’ll be receiving your lump sum shortly.

It’s important to make sure all steps are followed exactly as required by law in your state. That’s why your choice of company is critical to your success in selling your structured settlement. We’ve guided hundreds of people through the process. Give us a call today and let’s talk about how we can help you get top dollar for your structured settlement.

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