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When you start considering the sale of your structured settlement or annuity, you can quickly become overwhelmed with marketing gimmicks, fake offers, and endless phone calls. It becomes very difficult to decide who to move forward with and how to do so. Here is how you break it down:

  1.  Go online and research some of the structured settlement purchasing companies out there.
    a. Specifically, look at what previous customers have said in reviews, look at their website, look at their better business bureau site. Take all of this into consideration to get an idea of which companies can be trusted.
  2. Call or go online and fill out one of their quote request forms for the company you select.
    1. As soon as you are talking to a representative all you need to do is tell them the payments you have or the payments you are interested in selling.
  3. Consider the amount of money you need.
    1. Ideally, you would like them to buy the least amount possible to get you the lump sum you need now.
  4. Receive a quote.
  5. Be informed about the process going forward.

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