General Legal Process

First, you should know that all transfers are mandated by Federal and/or State Law. The general legal process broken down goes like this (varies from state to state):

  1.  You decide what you are selling and what you are receiving.
  2.  You receive a disclosure statement outlining those details.
  3. You sign a contract after 3-14 days of receiving a Disclosure Statement. (this is important because we see companies illegally trying to get a customer to receive a disclosure statement and sign a contract on the same day.)
  4.  The company you are working with will file a petition or application in the state in which you reside. The petition puts all interested parties on notice that you are seeking to transfer your payment rights.
  5.  A hearing date for your transfer has scheduled a minimum of 20 days out. In most states, you are required to attend the hearing and testify in front of the Judge.
  6.  At the hearing, the Judge will look over the paperwork and confirm whether or not the statute has been followed correctly and the Judge will then make a decision on whether or not the transfer is in your best interest.
  7.  If approved, you have successfully completed a transfer of your structured settlement payment rights and will receive a lump sum of cash shortly thereafter.

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