Based on our extensive customer experience, the Fairfield team has determined the 4 most important points for potential clients when selecting a partner to cash out their future payments; these are: 
  1. The most cash for you.
  2. Quick cash advances.
  3. Fixed, No-interest advances.
  4. Expedited transactions.

With these points in mind, we are proud to announce “The Fairfield 100% Guarantee,” in order to assure that you receive the most money, as quickly as possible.

Fairfield 100% Guarantee *

  1. Best Price: We 100% Guarantee to beat any competitor’s offer or we will PAY YOU $500.00
  2. Cash Now: We 100% Guarantee you are eligible for a cash advance in as little as 5 DAYS.
  3. Fixed: We 100% Guarantee that any advance given is a fixed advance with NO INTEREST.
  4. Fast: We 100% Guarantee to close your transaction as QUICKLY as the law allows.   


*Disclaimer:  In order to redeem, Client must request and receive 100% Guarantee in writing from Company prior to the execution of a contract with company. In the rare event that Company cannot beat a competitor’s offer, Company will pay Client $500.00 after Client provides Company with a copy of the competitor’s executed contract in writing and proof of funding by a competitor. All cash advances are contingent upon execution of a contract as well as confirmation of availability and assignability of payments.

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