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Why Choose Us

Fairfield Funding is one of the most trusted annuity purchasers in the industry.

Our company is helping people with needs for funds on a daily basis, offering a lump sum of cash to customers who receive structured settlement payments or annuities.We know that life can change in an instance or debt and bills can slowly accrue causing life to become unrelenting and emotionally draining. This is where Fairfield Funding can help by getting you your money in a timely manner, by treating you with the utmost understanding and respect, and by being on your side until you reclaim your peace of mind. Fairfield Funding is a longstanding member of (NASP), the National Association of Settlement Purchasers.

We Listen To You and Tailor everything to your needs

We have helped people of every age and in a wide variety of situations, real victims with heart-wrenching stories. This extensive hands-on experience has given us a unique perspective regarding the extreme and varied circumstances of our customers. We listen to each customer’s story and specifically tailor a purchase plan that will not only get you a lump sum of cash but that will continue to support you in your long-term needs.

Our Customer Service Promise

Our team has a combined 25+ years of industry experience. Due to our experience, expertise and understanding we promise to provide you with the best customer service, the utmost respect and the best deal. We have and always will continue to help people that, through no fault of their own, find themselves in tough financial situations. With money received from Fairfield Funding, we have helped customers buy their first home, avoid eviction and foreclosure, make their homes handicapped accessible, pay off medical bills, fulfill their dream of attending college, welcome new children into their family and recover from financial stress. We will always do what we can in order to obtain complete customer satisfaction. This includes writing letters to your landlords, calling credit card companies with you, speaking with a realtor for you, helping pay off judgments, liens and child support on your behalf, and much more.

At Fairfield Funding, we pride ourselves on maintaining a caring professional relationship with you. Fairfield Funding realizes that satisfied customers are our best referral source for new customers and therefore we do all that we can to keep each customer satisfied.

Our Team

With Fairfield Funding you will have a highly trained structured settlement specialist walk you through the process regarding selling your payments at a time and place most convenient for you. Not only will our structured settlement specialist walk you through the process but they will educate you with the process from start to finish so that you are never left out. Our structured settlement specialist team is the most experienced financial team in the structured settlement industry.

Speed and Convenience

If you have your annuity documents and other information ready, we can review your situation and get you a quote in minutes. Once you have agreed to a quote, we will put our research team to work to assist in locating any additional annuity documents needed. When your file is complete, we promise to complete your transfer and get you your money as quickly as your state will allow. In some instances you may be able to receive your lump sum payment from Fairfield Funding in under 30 days.

Educational Resources Specific to You

With a vast database of up-to-date articles on selling structured settlement payments, you can feel comfortable knowing that you have the ability to make an informed decision before you get a lump sum of cash for your annuity. Not only will our articles help educate but our highly trained and experienced structured settlement specialist team will also be glad to take the time to explain the process and answer any questions you may have.

No Hidden Fees

At Fairfield Funding we are 100% honest and upfront about any fees you will be responsible for. In almost all cases, there are no fees at all for you. At Fairfield Funding, we pay notary fees, legal costs, court filing cost and processing cost.