What are Lottery Payments?

Lottery payments structured over time is the result of someone winning the lottery and either not having the choice of a lump sum or not choosing the lump sum. If no lump sum is paid, then the winnings are structured over time and paid out by the State Lottery Corporation. Lottery winnings are taxable.

Why Sell Lottery Payments?

Top reasons for selling lottery payments are (1) start a business, (2) plan a dream vacation (3) buy a house or (4) pay off debt. While winning the lottery is a tremendous financial windfall, it may not allow you to accomplish the goals you have down the road. Obtaining a lump sum rather than a small amount weekly or annually has some major advantages and allows large purchases or investments.

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How can you sell Lottery Payments?

First, consult with a purchaser of lottery payments like Fairfield Funding. The process is simple and fast. It starts with a contract, you then obtain counsel from an outside advisor and then the purchasing company will file a petition in the state you reside in asking a judge to approve the transfer of payments. The purchaser will also let the lottery corporation in your state know that you are transferring your payments in exchange for a lump sum.

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