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Have you considered selling your structured settlement to get immediate access to funds?

Turning future settlement payments into a lump sum allows you to use the money for important expenses now rather than receiving small installment payments over many years.

At Fairfield Funding, we are settlement buying experts with over 15 years of experience providing customized quotes and guiding our clients through the structured settlement sale process. We understand the advantages of getting your money now and make selling stress-free and financially worthwhile.

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Reasons Why People Sell A Structured Settlement?

If you have a structured settlement but need cash now, selling your settlement may be an option. 

Structured settlements provide a guaranteed stream of income payments over time, often from a personal injury settlement. However, life can throw unexpected expenses your way. By selling your settlement, you can access a lump sum immediately in exchange for rights to all or some of your future payments.

There are many reasons why receiving a lump sum payout for your settlement may better meet your current needs:

  • Get cash to pay medical bills or healthcare expenses
  • Fund a college education or training program
  • Put a down payment on a home
  • Pay off an overwhelming credit card debt
  • Start or invest in a business venture
  • Take a dream vacation

The flexibility and freedom provided by having immediate access to funds allows you to take charge of your finances and use the money as it makes most sense for your life situation. While selling your structured settlement annuities reduces the total amount you receive over time, it can put welcome cash in your hands right when you need it most.

It’s understandable if you feel wary or overwhelmed with the decision to sell. That’s why you should work with a reputable buying company like Fairfield Funding that you can trust to treat you fairly and guide you through the process to sell structured settlement. Hence, the best company to sell structured settlement payments.

Sell Structured Settlement: How Selling Your Annuity Works?

If you have an existing structured settlement—meaning you receive scheduled periodic payments over a set timeframe—you have the option to sell some or entire future payments in exchange for an immediate lump sum payout.

This is your money that you are entitled to receive, often the result of a legal settlement or claim award. Instead of waiting months or years for all the small, incremental payments, you can cash out early.

Here is an overview of the basic process to sell your structured settlement annuity:

  1. Consult with financial and legal advisors to decide if selling fits your situation. Make sure you understand your options.
  2. Research structured settlement buying companies and get quotes for your payments. This will show how much cash you can expect to receive.
  3. Select the best structured settlement buyer and move forward with the sale. Documents will be filed requesting the court approval.
  4. Attend the court hearing for approval of the sale terms. Judges thoroughly review all details to protect your interests.
  5. If approved, you will receive your lump sum payment within 45-60 days in most cases. Then the buying company takes over your remaining future payments.

Is Court Approval Necessary for Selling My Structured Settlement Payments?

Yes, you absolutely must obtain court approval before finalizing any sale of existing or future structured settlement payments. This critical consumer protection step is mandated under structured settlement protection act enacted across the United States.

These laws require that all structured settlement sales terms, including the discount rate, must be reviewed and approved by a judge before taking effect. The court determination process typically takes 45-60 days on average.

Judges closely examine the proposed sale contract to prevent predatory companies from taking advantage of payment holders. They may assess factors like:

  • Your financial means to cover living expenses both now and long term
  • Your health and projected life expectancy
  • Impacts on any dependents in your care
  • Your stated purpose for wanting immediate access to funds

The court ultimately decides if relinquishing future payments in exchange for an upfront discounted amount aligns with your best interests. Fairfield Funding has over 15 years of experience successfully guiding clients through the court approval process from start to finish.

Rest assured proper procedures will be followed every step of the way when selling with Fairfield Funding!

Fairfield Funding: Trusted Structured Settlement Buyer for Over 15 Years

When you choose to sell your structured settlement payments with Fairfield Funding, you get the industry’s top experts on your side. For over 20 years, we have specialized in buying structured settlements, annuities, lottery payments, and other future payment streams. Customers trust us to deliver an exceptional experience and maximize their cash payout.

We make the process smooth and rewarding for people by:

  • Providing customized quotes so you understand exactly how much cash you can expect
  • Educating you on the sale process and answering all your questions
  • Ensuring you receive the industry’s lowest discount rates, putting more money in your pocket
  • Handling all aspects of the court approval process for you
  • Getting you your lump sum payment quickly and efficiently after court approval

We have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and 5-star customer satisfaction scores.

Contact us today at 888-943-8637 to learn more about selling your structured settlement with Fairfield Funding Factoring Company!

What Should You Consider Before Selling Your Settlement For A Lump Sum?

Selling all or part of your structured settlement payments deserves thorough evaluation of both current circumstances and future implications. Consult closely with financial advisors and family when weighing the pros and cons.

Assessing Your Current Financial Landscape

Take a close look at your present income streams and expenses. Creating a budget can reveal:

  • Income shortfalls preventing you from covering basic necessities
  • Heavy reliance on credit cards carrying high interest rates
  • Pressing near-term costs exceeding current cash flow

If any of these issues apply, the lump sum funds could bring welcome relief. But also examine potential alternatives, like government programs, nonprofit assistance, debt consolidation loans, or temporary belt tightening.

Evaluating Long Term Obligations

Also account for major expenses you anticipate down the road, such as:

  • College tuition when children reach university age
  • Healthcare costs over the next 5, 10 or 20 years
  • Funds needed for retirement beyond regular savings

Losing future settlement payments could jeopardize your ability to meet those longer-term obligations. Perform projections to quantify the potential impacts. Each family’s situation brings unique trade-offs requiring advice from objective third parties.

Customizing the Sale Terms

Rather than an all-or-nothing decision, you may tailor sale terms to balance present needs with future income stability, including:

  • Selling just some enough periodic payments to raise funds for pressing costs
  • Setting aside certain larger installments intended for later expenses
  • Ensuring you retain adequate ongoing income month-to-month

Consult your contract to understand available customization options before proposing terms.

Considering Dependents Reliant on the Payments

If children, grandparents or others in your care may utilize settlement funds for needs like:

  • Healthcare costs not covered by insurance
  • Financial help through college or vocational training
  • Supplemental income boosting their standard of living

Then factor their best interests into the decision making process. Consult attorneys to ensure proper safeguards or trusts protect dependents if moving forward with a sale.

Tax Implications of Selling Structured Settlements

While the funds received from a structured settlement are typically tax-free (as per the internal revenue code section 104(a)(2)) , selling your future payments could potentially trigger tax bills in certain situations:

  • If any portion of the settlement involved lost wages or compensation for emotional distress unrelated to physical injuries, applicable taxes may apply
  • Punitive damages awarded to punish the defendant rather than compensate the plaintiff may also be taxable

So before completing a sale, it is essential to determine if your specific structured settlement contract has clauses that could lead to tax obligations down the road. Meet with a qualified tax professional or attorney to fully understand possible tax implications based on your settlement’s origin and type.

Looking for the best annuity buyers to guide you over tax implications as well?

Fairfield Funding also partners with expert financial advisors and accountants to offer guidance on likely tax treatment.

Contact us today for a free consultation at 888-943-8637

Selling a Minor’s Structured Settlement

For structured settlements established to provide for a minor, selling the payments can be more complex given the extra court scrutiny to protect the child’s interests. But it is possible with proper justification for needing funds sooner.

At Fairfield Funding, we have decades of experience successfully guiding families through sales of children’s settlements. To win approval, parents/guardians must prove conclusively:

  • There is a clear-cut need for an immediate infusion of funds
  • The minor is better served long-term by the lump sum sale

Documentation must account for how all funds will be properly allocated toward required expenses like:

  • Uncovered medical treatments
  • Special education requirements
  • Trust accounts for future use

With the right approach and thorough court submission, selling a minor’s structured settlement can be achieved while fully protecting their well-being.

How Much Is Your Structured Settlement Worth?

If selling your settlement annuity, a natural question is: “How much cash can I expect to receive for relinquishing future payments?” The answer depends on several factors.

When you request a quote from Fairfield Funding, our finance team calculates the present value of your remaining structured settlement payment. We determine fair pricing through a combination of:

  • Current market rates for structured settlement sales
  • The timeline and amounts of your specific scheduled payments
  • Our modest standard discount rate of just 10%, well below industry norms

After applying a proprietary valuation formula accounting for these variables, we provide a detailed quote clearly outlining your projected lump sum payout amount.

Keep in mind that other buying companies may offer different quotes depending on their rates, fees and valuation methodology. We encourage speaking to multiple settlement purchasers before selecting who to sell your payments to in order to determine the best overall value.

How Much Is Your Structured Settlement Worth?

What sets Fairfield Funding apart in the secondary market?

With over two decades of experience, many happy customers sold their settlement to us, and more 5-star reviews than any competitor, we are settlement buying experts you can trust.

✅ Our Commitment to Customers:

  • Lowest discount rates, putting more cash in your pocket
  • Custom quotes based on your specific contract
  • Guidance every step and prompt support when needed
  • Smooth court approval process with all paperwork handled for you
  • Quick turnaround to get you funds within 45-60 days in most cases

✅ Our Leading Industry Reputation

  • A+ Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating
  • 5-star consumer satisfaction rating
  • Member of the National Association of
  • Settlement Purchasers (NASP)
  • Over 600 positive online customer reviews
  • Featured by top finance outlets like Yahoo Finance

With Fairfield Funding as your structured settlement buyer, you can have complete confidence that you are receiving excellent value for your future payments. Our experts simplify the process so you can relax knowing everything will be taken care of properly from start to finish.

Contact us today to receive a no-obligation quote and get answers to all your questions from our helpful settlement purchasing team!

Frequently Asked Questions About Selling a Structured Settlement

What discount rates are “good” when comparing offers?

No universal benchmark exists given many variables. Yet at Fairfield Funding our clients often see 8-13% rates, much lower than industry averages.

Who can buy my structured settlement?

An insurance company that initially handled your settlement often won’t buy it back. Third-party companies called “factoring” companies instead exchange your future payments for cash now.

What are my options for selling?

You can sell your remaining annuity payments all at once, sell just some periodic payments, or structure a customized partial sale. The choice depends on your financial needs and priorities.

How long does the process take?

In most cases, you will have your lump sum payment in hand roughly 45-60 days after initially reaching out to Fairfield Funding. However, exact timelines depend on state statutes and court scheduling.

What fees or rates will I pay?

Fairfield Funding provides the industry’s lowest discount rates, meaning more money paid out to you. 

Discount rates account for the interest and risk we take on by paying your full lump sum upfront while then waiting to receive the future installment payments over time.

What are the best structured settlement Factoring companies?

The best structured settlement factoring companies are Fairfield Funding, CBC Settlement Funding, Liberty Settlement Funding, RSL Funding, JG Wentworth, Novation Settlement Solutions, and Drb Capital LLC.

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