Life Contingent Payments

Can I Sell My Life Contingent Structured Settlement Payments?

Life contingent structured settlement payments? What is that?

Most annuity contracts have both guaranteed and life contingent payments.

  • Guaranteed payments – these will be paid out regardless of if you are alive or deceased.  If you are alive, you receive them. If you die, your beneficiary will receive them.
  • Life contingent payments – these will only be paid if you are living.  When you die, no additional payment will be made to any beneficiary.

How to Sell Life Contingent Payments

Life contingent payments can be sold just like guaranteed payments.

While the process is very similar to selling a guaranteed payment settlement, the value of life contingent payments will be lower. This is because of the company accepts the risk of the individual dying.

Here’s how the process differs from a guaranteed payment process:

  1. The Purchasing Company, like Fairfield Funding, will gather information about your payments. Additionally, the company will ask medical questions to decide whether or not they can purchase your payments.
  2. If they can, the company will determine if they will try to obtain a life insurance policy as well.  This is decided on a case by case basis.
  3. After that the process is just like selling guaranteed payments.

The good news is you can sell, and you have options! You’ll just have to provide some additional information in the process.

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