Structured Settlement Cash Out Options

Got a structured settlement but need cash now? Tired of waiting on monthly payments while your bills pile up? We feel you. Those structured settlement agreements seemed like a good idea until you actually needed money fast.

But here’s the deal – you don’t have to be stuck in structured settlement purgatory. There are options to cash out your remaining payments for an upfront lump sum. It’s called structured settlement factoring and it’s 100% legal.

Get cash in as few as 5 Days!

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Need Cash Now? Get an Upfront Payout from Your Structured Settlement

Has your structured settlement left you strapped for cash when you need it most? Monthly payments that seemed stable can fall short when unexpected expenses pop up.

If you have a structured settlement but need funds immediately, you can cash out your remaining payments for a lump sum payout today. This allows you to access substantial cash now instead of waiting on small monthly installments.

Cashing out your settlement provides funds when you need them to:

  • Cover urgent medical bills
  • Pay off high interest debt
  • Make necessary home repairs
  • Invest in your education and future
  • Handle everyday expenses

While structured settlements provide long-term support, sometimes you need cash quickly. By cashing out your remaining payments, you can take control of your finances and get the payout you deserve.

Contact us today to explore your cash-out options. Our settlement experts will provide a free quote so you can see how much your payments are worth as an immediate lump sum.

Cashing out Structured Settlement

If you have settled a lawsuit and have agreed to receive structured settlement payments, then you are probably receiving monthly or annual payments. These may serve as income for you. Perhaps they are serving as future support for your education, home, or family.

Regardless of how your settlement was set up, your financial situation can change quickly. The periodic payments may not give you the flexibility you need right now. Fairfield Funding can get you structured settlement cash quickly in the form of a lump sum to help meet your current financial needs.

We are the only industry that will do this with the flexibility you need. A bank will not let you use these payments as collateral. Plus banks want payments to begin immediately. We can buy payments that are years down the road and still get you a lump sum from your structured settlement cash and do it quickly.

Get the Cash You Need Now by Selling Your Structured Settlement or Annuity Payments

Simply fill out our online form or call 888-943-8637 to get your free quote and see how much your future payments are worth today! Act now to get the cash you need by selling your structured settlement or annuity payments.

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